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Distribution Services

The power of OTA's and their relation to hotels is widely and controversially discussed. But still: OTA's are selling well, thus by optimizing your online visibility, promoting globally your property 24/7 and create therefore, incremental business opportunities.
The commission level is undoubtedly high but besides revenue & cost there are far more parameters to consider such as your advantage of saving costs and time for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid and free online marketing, generating and managing reviews, analyzing and optimizing conversions and  controlling.

It is now important, to choose the right OTA, that is generating the highest profit for your hotel and position your business on a range of different distribution channels hence avoiding dependence.

Not every hotel has the marketing budget or the expertise which could allow to research, implement and manage (possible) cooperations with OTA’s. Our team is not only able to advise on which OTA to choose but can also support hotels in contracting and set-up of rooms, rates and conditions in OTA’s. We also help you managing your bookings and organizing your online distribution effectively as an external project, which can be more cost-effective for you than an in-house-solution.