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People research and purchase more and more online and it has become increasingly important for hotels to understand what is happening in this constantly evolving medium. For hotels, that want to maximize their distribution and online visibility, improve revenue returns and benefit from operational efficiencies (in short: generate direct business) there is no way around an online strategy and marketing concept.

1. Online Business Branding

Whether or not your guests will sub-consciously remember you is a matter of your business branding. That is why hotels should always be looking for ways to strengthen their brand or to build on the brand awareness of their business.  It takes time to establish a business brand and all actions taken (or not) will influence your brand. Your web site, Youtube channel, social media activities and newsletters are just a few branding techniques – there are many more.

2. Meet Demands

Online Travel booking is increasingly dominated by online resources and 65% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they have decide where or how to travel. (Source: Ipsos MediaCT).
Travelers want mobility, flexibility and easy real-time access to all information. Tablets are preferred for booking future travel  (Source: Mobiquity) and smart-phones to research travel while they are traveling (Source: JiWire Report).
The reason lies in our busy lifestyles and the convenience of getting information and booking/buying online. Hotels can take advantage of this demand by offering instant information and booking confirmation.

3. Cost Efficiency

Online Marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your hotel globally, compared with traditional methods. An excellent start is always a website and social media prominent presence.

4. Increase Sales

By providing online instant bookings your future guests will not have to physically go or drive to a location or writing a letter, which increases the impulse purchasing power. The effect will be a higher revenue for your hotels and improved return on your investments (ROI).

5. Customize your Advertisement

You have the opportunity to customize your offers and advertisement to certain target group/s and demographic area.

6. Communication is important

Either via email, potential guests need more information prior to booking, mail marketing for repeating guests, or social media and TripAdvisor response  - get in touch and keep in touch with your guests.


7. Your reputation and credibility

Your online presence via Internet Marketing is nowadays unavoidable to keep up with the times and provide your customers with all of the opportunities and information they need 24 hours a day. By spending some time, effort and investment hotels can make their business grow far beyond your dreams and expectations.