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With social media you can protect and build your digital reputation. Developing your brand takes time, but the good news is that the tools are free: contrary to paid media (for instance cost-per-click and banner advertising), owned media is when you leverage a channel you create and control (for instance your blog, YouTube channel, website, Facebook page, listings on  third-party sites like Trip Advisor, Google Places). Even though you do not strictly “own’ your YouTube channel or your Facebook page, you do control them and don’t have to pay for basic usage.

Earned media (User-Generated Content) is content your guests and others post and publish about your hotel. Included are blogs, ratings, articles, photos, videos but also plus's, share’s and like's. Earned media can not be controlled but it is more influential because customers trust the opinions of other consumers, friends and family more than any other advertising. Studies show that hotels with positive reviews can raise prices by 11% without having bookings drop. People are not always looking for the cheapest. They are looking for the best. They are looking for lovable.

The only thing worse than no social media presence is an outdated social media presence. You may have the best intentions when you create your social media accounts, but you will soon find that it’s easy to put off updates until days have passed.

We provide a range of high-value social media consultancy services through which we help our partner hotels to achieve real results from their social media activities. This involves creating a social media strategy, a social media marketing plan, providing Facebook management, marketing and advertisement, online marketing through G+ and Pinterest, and/or running a program of social media monitoring and reporting.